❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

Standing in this opulent London hotel room today, I knew exactly one hour ago ~ as I meticulously dashed cherry gloss over my lips ~ that there'd be no artificial smiles during delightful and unexpected reunions one day. Tonight is a one off. Weeks of careful planning on your part created this experience. We are… Continue reading ❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

❦ Shrouded ❦

There is a magical place, alive, beyond these concrete walls. A place of untouchable intangibility. Dark, like liquid on the end of your quill. Mysteriously indestructible. This place inspires the infinity of my most beckoned dreams. Consecrated upon the hallowed fulcrum of a rocky precipice, it is that place where mere men shall never fall… Continue reading ❦ Shrouded ❦

❦ Chrysalis ❦

An inevitable Metamorphosis Springs forth As seasons change. Hardened walls Are shattered, Shaped and surrendered Into nature's perfect design. Timing is critical, of course ~ But all changes occur Exactly when they are supposed to. Can you feel it? Another new butterfly Soon takes flight And a tiny ripple Occurs somewhere ~ Setting off a… Continue reading ❦ Chrysalis ❦

Foods That Keep Me Slim, Healthy, and Feeling Good! 💖

Hello, cronies! How is everyone in the blogosphere? Healthy and happy, I hope! Yeah! 😊 So, the other day one of my best friends complimented me on my physique as we were slaving our way through a pretty challenging workout at my house. She asked me what I eat that keeps me so slim at… Continue reading Foods That Keep Me Slim, Healthy, and Feeling Good! 💖

A Special Thank You for a Blogger Recognition 🌹

About a month and a half ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Ms. Laina Eartharcher from: the silent wave thesilentwaveblog.wordpress.com Thank you, Laina. Your courage and strength still inspire me on a daily basis. Your recognition and acknowledgment are both deeply appreciated by me. Be sure to check out… Continue reading A Special Thank You for a Blogger Recognition 🌹

❦ Shelter of Sunlight ❦

Savage, resplendent rage Terrifies me to my very soul ~ Did you know? 〜 So, forgive me as I betray On the turning away  From that which can never fulfill ~ A callous heart encased in bitterness Evil vitriol, it's mainstay. 〜 Beseeching redress And seeking refuge From murky deluge ~ I'll forget to remember… Continue reading ❦ Shelter of Sunlight ❦

❦ That’s What I Get For Loving You ❦

There is this on-going dialogue running through my mind tonight. And, there are certain things I would think about saying to you...tonight. You know, if we were together right now; if you were here...in my living room with this song playing on the stereo. I guess maybe it started in the car earlier this evening.… Continue reading ❦ That’s What I Get For Loving You ❦

🌹 Memorial Day 🌹

In a world marred by war and terrorism, please enjoy a beautiful song today. Doesn't have to be this one, of course...but.... 😎 This song is typically considered a love ballad. But today I find the anthematic riffs in this song somehow comforting. To me, love and freedom are mostly the exact same thing. This… Continue reading 🌹 Memorial Day 🌹

❦ Déconseillé ❦

Freedom flits Across pristine sheets* Where once Two hearts Lay spilled In arabesque, En pointe! Freedom sways Rhythmic, tendrilled Amidst playful leaps… And whimsied frolics Freedom floats Puissant...ungrounded! Dueled souls Now amply reignited Passions soar free ~ Immerged and unbounded. sheets* may be interchanged with "pages" ...if you wish. ❤︎ © 2017 khp. all rights… Continue reading ❦ Déconseillé ❦

❦ Rip Current ❦

  Lost inside Swirling clouds of doubt Ripped apart...alas! Forever asunder Breath and skin Spawn tangled lies In crashing waves And washed ashore Lost inside Breath and skin Swirling clouds of doubt Spawning tangled lies Ripped apart...alas! In crashing waves Forever asunder And washed ashore Forever asunder….and washed ashore. © 2017 khp. all rights reserved.… Continue reading ❦ Rip Current ❦

❦ A Face Only a Mother Could Love ❦

...and it looks like a cavity, too! 😂 Dear Cronies, Moms, Sons, and Daughters, I wanted to give a shout out to all the wonderful moms out there! I think motherhood is one of the most noble jobs in the world and I admire the women who do it, and do it well. My best… Continue reading ❦ A Face Only a Mother Could Love ❦

A Special Thank You to My Fellow Phoenixes 🌹

I am pleased, honored, and humbled to accept the Word Press "Phoenix Award" and to join the previous admirable recipients since its recent creation and inception. I further wish to give a special salute to Audrey from idealizeblog who created the Phoenix Award. Thank you, Audrey, for this innovative and thoughtful idea. I believe this… Continue reading A Special Thank You to My Fellow Phoenixes 🌹

❦ Hands of Time ❦

New Year's Eve ~ 1977. She was a free spirit. He was just beginning to make his mark on the world. It was their first party together, the first time many of their friends and family would all be meeting each other. He caught her nervous fidget from the corner of his eye and reached… Continue reading ❦ Hands of Time ❦

❦ Birds of Prey ❦

~Birds of Prey~ ❦ Intriguing, soulful, intrepid delights. Once wildly beckoned me on starless nights. Then, mysteries abounded as swift birds of prey Grudgingly followed the night into day. ❦ As the warm sun showed her face upon Soft morning dew in glorious dawn The sweetest of spells I did bid adieu One poignant memory…and… Continue reading ❦ Birds of Prey ❦

An Answer to a Convoluted Question About Beauty

Such a twisty, coily question, but I'm up for the challenge! And isn't beauty itself sort of convoluted? I think so... I find beauty in the tiniest details. Whether it's in those moments when I stand around in a very small group and marvel at the gorgeous energy they emit from a lively conversation. I'm… Continue reading An Answer to a Convoluted Question About Beauty

Rocket Science, Schmocket Schience!

We don't really need a rocket scientist to decipher this message, right? Thanks to the amazing "ecosystem" of endless inspiration and captured moments that is Pinterest, I stumbled upon (ha! no pun intended) this little nugget of wisdom, the author of which I have no clue. I searched high and low and just could not… Continue reading Rocket Science, Schmocket Schience!

Even The Best Fall Down, Sometimes

"Even the wrong words seem to rhyme." ~Howie Day, Collide Dawn is definitely breaking....and that means the storm has passed. My heart skips a beat as I allow a genuinely happy smile to cross my lips this morning. Howie Day's Collide fills the room after I click the stereo remote, which is never out of… Continue reading Even The Best Fall Down, Sometimes

Driven by Muses ~ Chapter 1

Reading time: Under 2 minutes. “Prohoska and Associates, how may I help you?” The receptionist’s voice was practiced, but dull. It was apparent that she'd succumbed to the same soul draining affliction that previous holders of her post had endured. This would not bode well for her. Based on her lukewarm greeting, Diana knew that… Continue reading Driven by Muses ~ Chapter 1

❦ Miss Attribution (of Arousal) ❦

(21+/nsfw)  🥀 I'm feeling a little angsty, my love... 🥀 And you know What that means, Don't you? Of course, I need to fuck you. Let's dress up. We'll dawn our hats... With brims wide ~ Or brief, like a fedora. Let's meet for lunch And pretend to be civil While we're in public. But… Continue reading ❦ Miss Attribution (of Arousal) ❦

❦ A Whispered Promise ❦

Shh, baby… C’mere. Give me your hand and close your eyes. Now…let go. I’ve got you. Let’s smile and play, just until sunrise. Go ahead, my love, give in, let your heart take flight. Let’s go to that place where dreams and desire collide. ❦ Let go of unanswered wishes and unrequited love. Let go… Continue reading ❦ A Whispered Promise ❦

🌹 Unfettered Bestowal 🌹

"Who Am I To You?" ⚘ ⚘ "My purpose," you muse, as your eyes refuse To meet my mischievous gaze. "My heartbeat," you mutter, as your fingertips flutter Across my neck to caress and graze. ⚘ ⚘ "My revelation," you whisper, as you reach for my zipper, And deftly tear my clothes free. "My laughter,"… Continue reading 🌹 Unfettered Bestowal 🌹

A Sinister Easter and the Angel

Disclaimer: This short story is based on real events and has a very dark, fictional ending. Names have been changed. *   *   * This is a story about earth and heaven ~ in that order. The Texas desert seeped cautiously into the southern part of the city, on into the rural outskirts where… Continue reading A Sinister Easter and the Angel