❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

Standing in this opulent London hotel room today, I knew exactly one hour ago ~ as I meticulously dashed cherry gloss over my lips ~ that there'd be no artificial smiles during delightful and unexpected reunions one day. Tonight is a one off. Weeks of careful planning on your part created this experience. We are… Continue reading ❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

❦ Shrouded ❦

There is a magical place, alive, beyond these concrete walls. A place of untouchable intangibility. Dark, like liquid on the end of your quill. Mysteriously indestructible. This place inspires the infinity of my most beckoned dreams. Consecrated upon the hallowed fulcrum of a rocky precipice, it is that place where mere men shall never fall… Continue reading ❦ Shrouded ❦

❦ Chrysalis ❦

An inevitable Metamorphosis Springs forth As seasons change. Hardened walls Are shattered, Shaped and surrendered Into nature's perfect design. Timing is critical, of course ~ But all changes occur Exactly when they are supposed to. Can you feel it? Another new butterfly Soon takes flight And a tiny ripple Occurs somewhere ~ Setting off a… Continue reading ❦ Chrysalis ❦

Foods That Keep Me Slim, Healthy, and Feeling Good! 💖

Hello, cronies! How is everyone in the blogosphere? Healthy and happy, I hope! Yeah! 😊 So, the other day one of my best friends complimented me on my physique as we were slaving our way through a pretty challenging workout at my house. She asked me what I eat that keeps me so slim at… Continue reading Foods That Keep Me Slim, Healthy, and Feeling Good! 💖