21 thoughts on “❦ Silent Fall ❦

  1. I feel the same way when riding on a train. It’s packed with people, but each person is alone on that train. Sometimes I invite that isolation, since it gives me time to think. Other times, I do want the feeling of inclusivenes with people.

    1. Being on a train is an “alone” type of experience, I think, so I can see why you’d feel that way. Now being on a plane? I think of plane travel as stranger intimacy.

      1. I think part of the train experience is that it has such a steady, rhythmic sound, which for me – puts me in a certain mental state. Almost hypnotic. Truth is, I’ve been so hypnotized, that I’ve missed stops in the past. I’m a nervous flyer, so I’m focused on my fear more than my isolation. I don’t know how a kiss from a stranger would have made me feel, but I bet a lot better than my flying fear.

      2. Just when I was ready to board that plane, you leave! 😉 It’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to following your blog. Have a wonderful day!

  2. “Silent Fall” is remarkably accurate in the way I’ve been feeling as of late. I’ve been trying to create a post that describes something I’m going through, but your words do that perfectly.

    1. I’m touched that my words could help you articulate something…..I think when we feel this way, it’s difficult to access that part of us and “get it out” as they say….I wrote this, but since then, I can’t seem to reach in and get more, yet I still feel like crap, haha…

      I wish you well and I hope you’re doing ok! ~hugs.. J

  3. “And in the beginning there was darkness…”
    But that’s cold Autumn mornings for you.
    Is this the beginning? Where your blog started? I’m not sure I’ll peruse it all in the coming days, weeks and months but I will be dipping in and out frequently. 🙂

      1. Wow thank you beyond measure that means a lot comming from someone of your magnitude, know that for all you like and enjoy your part of the inspiration, for as good as you are is as good as I hope to be 🐻

  4. To the start, where all good journeys must begin. A blank canvas upon which to create memorable moments. I look forward to peeling away your layers so as to learn more.

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