32 thoughts on “Angst

    1. You know that frustrated feeling you get when you know there’s chemistry….but the timing is just off…. 🙂

      Thank you for reading. x

      1. This is even better reading it the next day. It’s more meaningful than when I read it last night/early this morning. More please.

      1. I understood what you meant. I do love writing erotica and reading it. That’s the naughty side hehe 🙂 this was right up my alley. Great job

      1. Can’t refuse it being put that way.

        So…1. There’s an abundance of imagery and idealization of The Lion backing the female. Protection. Etc. I happen to think it’s one confident motherfucker who lets a strong female back him up. I have an emotional pull with that kind of equal unity and strength which is sexy as hell to me.

        2. Speaks for itself. I’m an ass guy and skin on skin, no obstruction, time, feeling that ownership is fucking heaven.

    1. Yes….wait till you read “Unfettered Bestowal” haha…sooooo much steamier…and “Miss Attribution (of Arousal)” haha, totally not asking you to, but they are there for your taking. Enjoy, Cory. Gonna head over to your blog tonight when I get off work. xo

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