22 thoughts on “If Looks Could Kiss

    1. Been missin’ you. Hope you and fam are happy and healthy! πŸ’™

      Sending you and yours 2,017 hugs for the new year. πŸ™‚ Dex gets an extra one!

      1. haha…..I’m so flighty, huh? yeah, made it public again….was just too freaking troublesome! I had to purge it….follows, readers, etc. wp helped me fix the bugs…I paid for it, so I kinda gotta keep it, yanno? bleh…

        refollow me, plz, biches! xo

  1. Hey…comments are closed on your Lifehouse stuff but this is something I’ll never forget from years ago. I remember I fuckin cried when I saw it. LoL! So damn beautiful.

    1. No, the link is here. I loved it…. It was wonderful. Thank you. β₯❧

      I wanted to share one with you from SYTYCD…. One you may understand, if only for the sheer beauty in it. It’s darkly beautiful. It’s very compelling…

      1. Right? Kapono played addiction so well. He really captured the emptiness, the taunting, the aggravation of it all. I hope the video wasn’t too wonky, haha. πŸ™‚ Thought you’d like that one.

      2. I actually never saw that couple. It must have been a season I missed! I think it’s pretty damn cool that i could send you an ancient ballroom clip of a show youve actually watched and not be laughed out of state!

      3. I’ve actually got the whole dad thing going on so I don’t do much tv unless Im vegetating at night these days. So I don’t get much deeper than 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Rec on repeat. I like New Girl and Mindy tho too which is not anything I usually admit to anyone. I know nothing abt new television cause I feel like I havent watched since since my youngest was born!

  2. I want to see Stranger Things and I cant fucking WAIT till next month when Unfortunate Events comes on Netflix. The kids may lose me intermittently.

      1. I havent seen it but am curious. Also whatever the show is with Maeby from Arrested Development, lol. Another old favorite. Fuck, I am out of it. I give up.

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