❦ A Whispered Promise ❦


Shh, baby… C’mere. Give me your hand and close your eyes.
Now…let go. I’ve got you. Let’s smile and play, just until sunrise.
Go ahead, my love, give in, let your heart take flight.
Let’s go to that place where dreams and desire collide.

Let go of unanswered wishes and unrequited love.
Let go of the pain your heart is so undeserving of.
Let go of the wraith of passions quelled.
Enter a world of nirvana and pleasure unparalled.

Let go of the sunsets of yesterday.
Forget those demons, darling! Do as I say!
Now, invite me into your dreams…tonight.
For here is what you shall find…

A gentle touch, an elegant caress
A brilliant tapestry of total oneness.
A perfect kiss, a chemical dance
And silken skin…awaiting your trembling hand.

The exhilaration of total acquiescence
An effortless blend in pristine silence. 
And then?
The final crescendo in blinding brilliance
Then exquisite resilience….over and over again.

This is where dreams and desire collide, a place where passion and harmony reside.

© 2016. KHP. All Rights Reserved.


45 thoughts on “❦ A Whispered Promise ❦

  1. I loved everything about this, the phrase “exquisite resilience” is so provocative and evocative that it lingers in my mind. Peace, Harlon

      1. Thanks and I missed you as well. Welcome back!

        Yup. My holidays are off to a good start. Tree and decorations are up and shopping pretty much done. Hope yours are off to a great start as well. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it….it was meant to flow and build, just like the acts in which it describes. 😉 Glad you caught that. Thank you deeply for reading and commenting. You made my day. ~J

      1. Honestly, I feel dumb saying this, but like… Yesterday I was SO STRESSED I could not pee. Literally could not pee. I have never had a constipated vagina before, but I had a constipated vagina. I took a sleeping pill to get me rest. Today, everytime I have felt upset, felt whatever, I’ve turned it upside down. I feel very pulled and pushed right now, so I decided to kinda just… stop, be more positive to myself, and just… keep my head on straight. So, there, that’s what I’m having!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Sweet! Bleh, sorry about the vajay-jay! I’ve never heard of that.

        Have you ever heard of Joel Thielke? He’s a hypnotist who lives in WA, I think..or maybe Vancouver, I forget. It’s been a while…

        Anyway, he does these self-hypnosis audiobooks. Don’t know if you have iTunes, but when I’ve had trouble with stress before, I find his audiobooks amazingly relaxing. His voice is ridic, too, haha! Check him out on amazon or audible.com if you ever want to try that sort of thing…..they’ve helped me sleep over the years.

      3. Thanks… I can usually meditate myself to sleep, but I swear, it feels like everytime I meditate a channel comes pouring in! I don’t know if you totally believe this kind of stuff, but I felt like my third eye opened earlier this week, and i’ve been going beserk ever since! Meditation is my best relaxation tool and also helps me clear my mind. I’ll give this a try!

  2. Either I’ve got the wrong end of the stick or this is a brilliant poem about a ride at the funfair. Beautifully done, JM 🙂

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