❦ Sentry ❦


Nature’s iced playground
On a cool crisp winter’s day
There’s nary a sound

An untraveled path
Leads me to your soul, tattered
With traces of wrath

Lone wolf stands sentry
At the door of your broken
Heart, to quell entry

Lost in reverie,
I miss his lithe arrival
In stealth energy

He favors me with
A leveled and curious
Stare, before he shifts

His eyes as if to
Ask me a timeless question,
“Trésor, is that you?”

My rendered reply
Whispered in pure reverence
Gazing, eye to eye

“Oui, Mon chèr!” I smile
He gestures me to follow
We walk for a while


Harsh winter can be
So cruel and unforgiving
…without company.

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

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60 thoughts on “❦ Sentry ❦

  1. Beautiful poem and the photos are perfect. I love wolves of course a little scared of them but I love them.

    Ah, Lioness I wish you well and happiness. I wish you true friends and love, lovely you deserve everything that is wonderful

      1. you’re welcome, but no luck I have two friends you’re one, I don’t think people want friends they want to flirt, lie use, abuse or nothing at all. why don’t people want good friends I don’t know. today is a new day same shit

  2. Remarkable. So much is said in these sentences. I leave with the impression, insight supplied by your piece that we would rather walk at risk in the company of wolves (those who might tear us to pieces) than to endure loneliness. Powerful work. Thank you.

    1. Sorry I could not reply to this earlier, Miguel. I know that you only speak from the heart, so I feel honored to have your opinion. 🙂

      I agree 100% with your analysis, it fits so well.

      The thing I had in mind when I wrote it was someone who would have a guarded heart and a person who could gain access to that person’s heart by making peace with the darkness that caused the first person’s heart to be guarded in the first place. She accomplishes this by recognizing and respecting the protective wolf. I fumble my words. :o))

      1. No, your words to not fumble. It’s beautiful explanation. And it leaves room for a wider story. And thanks for explaining that.

  3. Lioness I came to visit your blog today, you didn’t tell me it was snowing here, I got to go get my coat I will be back later. Hahaa

  4. The way you crafted each and every word of your haikus is heroicly amazing !!👌👌👌 In love with deep meanings they convey through each line !!

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