❦ Miss Attribution (of Arousal) ❦


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 🥀 I’m feeling a little angsty, my love… 🥀

And you know
What that means,
Don’t you? Of course,
I need to fuck you.
Let’s dress up.
We’ll dawn our hats…
With brims wide ~
Or brief, like a fedora.
Let’s meet for lunch
And pretend to be civil
While we’re in public.
But behind closed doors,
Let’s play, secretly,
In this fantasy,
Let’s unleash
All of that
Pent up desire.
I need your touch.
I need you to take me
Away today.
I need to forget.
I need you to push me
Up against the wall…
To pin my hands
Above my head.
I need you to
Graze your fingertips
Over my cheek
My neck
My collarbone
My decolletage.
And if I try to speak
I’ll need you to trace my lips
With those same fingertips,
Looking at me intently
While smiling and
Encouraging me to
Just hush.
It’s good, yeah?
Let’s dawn our hats
And play dress up, today.
There’s no use
In pretending


🥀 ~ I need you, today. ~🥀

 ©️ 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

36 thoughts on “❦ Miss Attribution (of Arousal) ❦

  1. A beautiful fantasy for a Wednesday afternoon. The guy in this dream would be lucky. I almost envy whoever inspired this one.

      1. It was long and boring-I see you’ve changed some things here. Everything ok? Email me, please. Let’s catch up. Missed you, beauty.

    1. Grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough with colby pepper jack cheese and spinach, creamy tomato bisque (leftover from yesterday).

      Yes, I reheated the soup…you know my terrible cooking habits. 🙂

    1. That is the nature of missattribution of arousal. It’s very confusing and distracting. The hats symbolize a random variable designed to illustrate the confusion ascribed to this condition.

  2. Thank you for liking one of my posts. I must say that what I just read was well written and caught me by surprise. I may need to take a cold shower. I have not been that aroused in a long time. Take care and hope to read more, just give me advance warning. I post a lot about women’s issues and how men fear a strong women. I would like to feature you in one of those posts. I also publish to several national mag’s. Only with your ok. Peace, Marshall

  3. Well this isn’t your average run of the mill post for a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t sure if there was a typo in there regarding donning hats (line 6) and wanting to phone somebody (line 4) but this minor issue aside well written JM. 🙂

    1. Oh, my heck, you are SO RIGHT!!


      No WONDER everyone’s been so randy here! I mean, why so horny over a phone call and a lunch out?! With our hats on? Uh- duh!!

      I’m gonna fix that at once! Hehehe!! You’re so funny and sweet! xo

    1. glad you enjoyed it….you’re teaching me about pleasing the senses. the way you talk about that and convey it in something as simple as describing a scent is truly captivating. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cory!

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