Driven by Muses ~ Chapter 1

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“Prohoska and Associates, how may I help you?”

The receptionist’s voice was practiced, but dull. It was apparent that she’d succumbed to the same soul draining affliction that previous holders of her post had endured. This would not bode well for her.

Based on her lukewarm greeting, Diana knew that the receptionist’s days were numbered. She asked for Dan, the company’s founder. He was also her former married lover. They were such old news, but recent political developments had caused her to reach out to him.

“Dan Prohoska, please. This is Diana Grayson, from Los Angeles.” Diana’s request was short and clipped. There was a brief pause before Dan’s familiar high-pitched greeting pierced her blue-tooth.

“Hellooooooo?” he shrieked. She cringed.

“Dear Gawd, kill me now, please!” thought Diana before she replied.

“Well, at last you’ve gone and done it, then, haven’t you, you old bastard?” she quipped. There was an involuntary reflex in her stomach as she anticipated his stupid reply. Dan did not disappoint.

“Why, hello, Kitty! OH, MY GAWD, it’s so great to hear from you!” he screeched. “What the hell have I done now?” He screamed in laughter, making Diana’s stomach turn once again. She regretted the call in an instant, but she plodded on anyway. Regret was a familiar emotion where Dan was concerned. Disgust, self-loathing and shame weren’t far behind.

They began chatting about the Presidential Inauguration. To hear him tell it, Dan would have you believe that he’d single-handedly gotten the President elected. They chatted about politics for a bit. Before long, the conversation turned to old, familiar territory…their prior intimate relationship.

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58 thoughts on “Driven by Muses ~ Chapter 1

    1. Hi, Shane! I think this might be the only way I seem to be able to reach you right now.

      I left you a comment on your recent post and I wanted to be sure it didn’t go to your spam folder. I was congratulating you and wishing you success on your book, etc. 🙂

      Sorry to stalk/bother you this way, but would you mind checking your spam folder for my comment(s) if you get a chance? I appreciate it. Thanks, JM

      1. I stopped by one of your posts, which spoke very deeply to me and when I compared an ex of mine to you, you said:

        “Hold up… When you say very much like me you mean black rite?”

        That was not at all what I meant or said, but because your question was so confrontational, I did not want to explain myself because I felt like you wanted me to defend myself when I had only come by and spoke from the heart, which is pretty much what I always do.

        Then, when I tried to email you an explanation, you pretty much told me you would not read the email. I never received a reply, so I guess you didn’t read it anyway….so, it made things very awkward for me.

        I don’t relate to people based on race, Chris. I was slightly disenheartened that you’d even ask that question.

        I don’t like confrontation, either, which is why I wanted to email this conversation in private….❤️

      2. Listen…. I truly sincerely apologize if I may have seem like I was comming off confrontational miss. I’m so sorry and the last thing I want is to rub you the wrong way… And it’s ok if you don’t except I’ll completely understant! I’m sorry😟😢

      3. It’s all water under the bridge.

        No worries. But you understand that I didn’t base my comment on race right?

        The thing that really spoke to me about that post was the way you described the way you felt about her and the way you seemed so protective and caring toward her.

        It reminded me of my ex, who, in my opinion could’ve actually written what you wrote. It had a pretty strong impact on me.

        I guess the other reason I felt defensive is because, yes, my ex, happens to be black. But I saw that as coincidental and not the most important thing that was like you. It was the passion behind the writing that jumped out at me. I didn’t know you well enough to explain all of this, so my initial comment was probably briefer than it should’ve been. I could’ve explained better, so I apologize too!

        I hope you understand and we can be friends moving forward. You’re writing is kinda sick (totally mean that in a great way!). ❤️

      4. I understand everything your saying and no need to apologize. It’s kool… I love your work to… Your a exceptional person as well as a writer. Thanx for the compliments. And definately I would love to be kool with you as a allies.😎👍

      5. hehe! That was adorable. Ok, so depending on your email server (the one you used for this wordpress account), there is a folder labeled either “spam” or “bulk” or “junk” or “other.” Look in one of those folders and there should be an email that says something like “silentfall2016” and/or “wordpress contact.” It would’ve been around a week or so ago. 😉

      1. I intentionally didn’t read the other comments just in case. Haha. I don’t like spoilers. It’s like people who desperately try to find out what’s happening in their favourite TV show before it’s aired. I couldn’t do that

      2. I’m glad there are other weirdos like me out there who avoid the comments.

        I didn’t always and reading comments makes me feel like a judgy lookie-loo and a voyeur…, I stop.

        Mostly. Sometimes I can’t help myself. 😉

      3. I think it all depends on the subject matter. Other people’s opinions are sometimes interesting to hear in case you missed anything. In the warehouse case of fiction writing though, I like to form my own opinions. If I read those of other people it might cloud my judgement

  1. I know that receptionist! She used to be the life and soul but was addicted to reading essays on my cricket blog… It didn’t end well. Still, from your description she’s much improved 🙂
    Nice writing JM, I’m guessing part 2 is lurking around a corner in February somewhere. Suddenly January seems a good month to linger in, advised my PO. I was having none of it and sought it out immediately. 😉

    1. I don’t know yet. Floated it out there the other day…then, oddly, the ending came next, but obvi can’t post that til the middle is done. I should probably get back to it, meh, no hurries. 😉

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