42 thoughts on “Tiny Thoughts in Twenty Words ~ Sleepover ðŸ“

      1. Ha! People must think I’m a wimp. Lol. I’m good. I just despise the orange instability in the WH. Other than that, all’s well, darling. You keep rocking! Thanks. xo

      2. It’s not the vetting thing that gets to people. Have you read the past administration’s policy in immigrants. Shit, it’s already extensive. It takes the average immigrant 2 years just to get their green card. It’s the politicizing and discriminatory actions that are disgusting. Also, 3 countries that aren’t on that ban are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt. Guess which country trained the 9 fucks who carried out 9/11? Saudi Arabia. How convenient those 3 countries not in the list have businesses with Trump and his cabinet!

        Lol. You’ve opened up a can of worms. I’ll shut up. Here’s one thing that rattles my cage, too, the effing drama of Trump’s world. Obama wasn’t perfect, but god, there was no drama and no whining. Get the job done, but spare us the Prima Donna routine. Lol. Okay, deep breaths. I’m really okay 😆

      1. I’ll try again and this time go over the 20 word line. You just can’t beat a good metaphor in a 20 word poem. I was going to mention this poem sucks but that might be misinterpreted. Quality work JM 🙂

      2. roflmao! Haha, got your reference that this poem sucks! As do most who use strawberries for inspiration! If you are enjoying them, then, well, ya kinda HAVE to suck at them!

        My goodness, your mind never fails to amuse and entertain, Phil. As ever, I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

      3. I was hoping to comment on more of your posts but time has been against me today, still, don’t want you having a minor accident with all that floor rolling 🙂

  1. This is hot. Now I can’t nap! Makes me want to slip into something sexier than pjs and go on the prowl 🤐

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