Moon Flowers

“Most glorious night! Thou wert not sent for slumber.” | Lord Byron


Happy February, exquisite cronies!

Thank you for being along with me on my blog journey. Sending lots of love and kisses tonight.

Dream Sweetly,
JM 🌹

30 thoughts on “Moon Flowers

  1. It wouldn’t let me like your posts, so I will leave a comment. The beginning is great. I’m intrigued. Texted you, too. I’m in my office today at 2. Stop by anytime, gorgeous. 😉

  2. Very beautiful, you. Happy February to you, as well. This reminds me of that song you sang the other day. What was it? Thinking of you. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Evanski. Haha (couldn’t resist!) I’m seeing Mitch today…I’ll hound him for you. 😉

      The song I sang…, that reminded you of February….was it Lapsley, “Falling Short”? Ha! I think so. I loooooove that song so much. 😉 Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow…💋

  3. Ah, February. One of those months that’s pretty significant, but hardly significant at all. I hope yours is filled with great joy and unexpected surprises (of a pleasant nature of course) 🙂

  4. That Lord Byron wert not a bad lad with a nice turn of phrase at his disposal. And your flowers art art like in their demeanour. Nice post, JM 🙂

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