❦ Unfinished ❦

Things are never as they seem. And they can change on a dime. 🖤

The other day
I touched my fingertips to my thumb.

And, in a silent prayer, I decided then and there ~
That is what I would do with the distance between us.
I would make it disappear.

And just today…
I placed my forehead into that same hand.
In a soft whisper, I wondered whether you’d kissed her,
That is when I needed more distance between us.
I felt the requisite tears.


© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

40 thoughts on “❦ Unfinished ❦

  1. im trying to connect the dots .. ohh dear.. it truely feeling of being shattered when all you were trying do was to close the distance between both and you realized there are more unpleasant facts which are making the distance grow more..

  2. Oh this is heartbreaking. For someone with a fine line in humour you do manage to write some brilliant but sad poems, Just Me.

  3. It is clear you are filled with an abundance of various emotions. This is a true gift. It gives you the opportunity to UNDERSTAND so much more than the average person. At the same time, it makes you more vulnerable to pain. I promise you the “Gift” is worth the trade off. Listen to BOTH heart and mind and enjoy the diversity in life’s experiences.

    1. well said. welcome to our little moulin rouge, doctor jonathan. i’m the other writer on j’s site, just not publishing yet.

    2. Dr. J. 🙂 I agree. Emotions should be embraced, rather than feared or squashed, but you are so right about balancing heart and mind. I do tend to understand a lot, keen of you to identify that. It makes me think you are a fellow empath in this regard. Empathy is something I struggle with, but I have compassion in volumes, so it all balances out. The “gifts” are definitely worth it.

      Btw, I reached out to you on your contact page. It may or may not have gone to your email’s spam/bulk/junk folder. 🙂

      1. Uh, I got your binkie, bitch! TM, cali has these things called trees and mountains, I think. Sometimes they can be found in the same place called the woods.

      1. Just work, then my roomie and I are having a Happy Independence day celebration (for my friends who are single on Valentine’s Day!) at my house tonight! We ordered Blue Apron, so about 5 of us are going to be slaving away in the kitchen tonight. Should be fun.

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