Rocket Science, Schmocket Schience!

❤︎ New banner to replace satiny Valentine’s wish. ❤︎

We don’t really need a rocket scientist to decipher this message, right?

Thanks to the amazing “ecosystem” of endless inspiration and captured moments that is Pinterest, I stumbled upon (ha! no pun intended) this little nugget of wisdom, the author of which I have no clue. I searched high and low and just could not find a name to attach to this beautiful message of both common sense and strength.

Universe, please give a solid shout out to whomever coined this phrase. 💙

So, how was your Valentine’s Day?

Mine was sickeningly full of love!

A few of us got together and did the anti-valentine’s day thing. We had a “Happy Independence Day” dinner last night with Blue Apron. And then we might’ve embarrassed ourselves by shaking our asses a little too much to Dance Central. I neither confirm nor deny my participation in this ridiculously silly event! 😜

The dinner? Sublime. The dancing…meh! It was a fun night, though, and if I dare say, there may have been a little spark forming between a couple of my friends who previously did not know each other before yesterday (they are having dinner this Friday!). Hopefully this little serendipity will not backfire by NEXT Valentine’s Day! 

Here’s to you, your positive energy, growth, and happiness. Be the energy you want to attract. Just for today? NO excuses!

An idea? 🙂 As we say our thank you’s, shake hands (or even “glad hand”) today, let’s hold eye contact for just a tiny second longer than usual with those who provide service today (and every day, really). This will convey  extra kindness, sincerity, thanks, appreciation, gratitude, and respect to those who don’t always get the thanks they deserve.

I thank you so much for your time and your readership.

Mad Love,

Just Me ❤︎

One of Life’s Treasures:

My tiny hostage is fast asleep, at last! ;o))

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39 thoughts on “Rocket Science, Schmocket Schience!

  1. What a great alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day nonsense. I can’t stand the occasion. It’s just another chance for the corporations to relieve people of hard earned cash. Besides which, St Valentine is massively misquoted. His sainthood had nothing at all to do with love, relationships or any variant of the two thereof. At least that’s what my research revealed a couple of years ago. I don’t partake in the crap. I’m glad to see that you do, but in an ironic way. Good on you 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely slice of irony pie that your single friends may have hit it off. 🙂
    I always give plenty of time and pleasantry to those providing service. This may be why my tennis career never got going.
    Cricket! 😉

  3. I love your suggestion to hold eye contact for just a little longer (paraphrase, I’m too lazy to scroll up 1/4 page to direct quote :/). Its’ so easy to look down as we swipe our card, hit our buttons, and grab our receipt without ever realizing that there is an actual human on the other side of the counter. I make it a point to look folks in the eye and say thank you, and I can see in their face (usually) the tiny little connection of humanity and it brightens my day also. Great point and great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s so true, b. The people who provide our services can become like numbers in our rushed lives. And we are numbers to them, too. We all somehow disconnect.

      Somehow, I like knowing you’re out there in the world, making sure you make those connections. Good on ya, mate! 🙂

      Have a good one!

  4. You must be shredded with those tiny claws of C-Dub’s! Cut those bad boys down! That’s how you start to lose sweaters. And, as you will see, he will be the reason you can’t have nice things! bahahaha! happy post apocalypse, erm, vday! x

  5. A keen reminder to not be dismissive of those who help us! C Dub sleeps?REALLLLLLLY? Hes a handsome little guy. Nothing on that ol’ G, Mango, though, may he RIP. That was an amazing dog from what i read. never saw a dog his collor.

    and not to stir shit, but the liar is posting more lies, fyi, and more victim crap. at least it aint saying your name this time. Man i cant stand that crap. isnt she tired of bitching and lying? grrrrrrr!! 😦

    1. Sir Charles Wigglebottom (C-Dub), does, in fact sleep, Evan, I am pleased to report. I did hold a small mirror up to his nostrils a couple times, though, in those first few days! He was so fragile then. He’s making eye contact now and his eyes are this ridiculous hue of dark honey! Kind of sickening how beautiful his fuzzy little face is when he stares now! Haha…he’s gellin’ with the tribe!

      As to the other, let it go, homie. xo

  6. I like your little idea at the end. Not traditional in the least. Might make some uncomfortable, but worth the chance in my opinion.
    Also, love your little sleeping hostage. These animals have a magical way of controlling us…and we usually love (almost) every minute!

    1. I agree…..sometimes that extra second can make people a little uncomfortable, shy, or self-conscious. But, like you, I think it’s worth the risk. :o)

      So true about stealing of hearts and such from our furry pals. Give Tucker a huge smooch from me, plz. My dogs all have very smoochy natures, so it’s a thing in our house. 🙂

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