❦ Morning With You ❦

My eyes flutter open to the scent of
Delicious Dean & Deluca
The aroma a complement to the sun
Grazing my skin
I am reminiscent of the warmth of your touch
And my smile follows me
From dreams on into reality

The orchid on the nightstand
Grins knowingly
As though she comprehends
My receptivity
She is a haughty one
Vibrant and certain

From seconds to moments
Thoughts of you pulsate
Throughout my mind
The landscape
Of this serene romance
Plays on a reel
While images of you come (in)
Again and again

I hear your shower start
I close my eyes again as my mind wanders to
The gentle water streaming mildly
Over your body
Then, the buzz of your razor
Sounds like junebugs
Singing in the summertime

The soft pattering of your bare feet
Padding out of the room
And down the stairs
Reminds me that it is now time…
Time to rise and time to shine.

In the kitchen our eyes meet
Your face is flushed, my heart leaps.
I caress your cheek
As your lips grace mine.

Another milestone now firmly entrenched in time.


© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

Have a beautiful, beautiful day, my lovely friends. Don’t forget to drink your coffee (or tea!). 💋

43 thoughts on “❦ Morning With You ❦

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  2. This is a beautiful and delightfully descriptive piece of writing pulling the reader right into the scene and witnessing that reel first hand. Oh you’re good, JM. I raise my cup (of tea) to you and your talent 🙂

      1. Like the rush hour? oh tell me about it… And there’s another one of the buggers waiting to leap out on the unsuspecting in the later afternoon 😉 I did enjoy it, I may drop back round and reread it…. 🙂

      1. Nah. You are super special to me. As we grow our friendship, I appreciate you more each day. You are honest, sweet, caring, a leader, and a bomb ass mama bear. I love how authentic you are, not like some catfish I’ve come across online, haha! Meow…..hiss! You rock. Totally and I am glad to know you. 😉

  3. Loved these lines… I am reminiscent of the warmth of your touch
    And my smile follows me
    From dreams on into reality.
    The only thing I am not jealous of is the cup of coffee 😂 Just wondering if the perky angel was turned into something more angelic 🤔

    1. Thanks, beauty. I’ve missed you! We don’t talk much but you’re always in my thoughts. Ever since that first day when you stopped by my darkness inside me post, instant bond. love ya, lady! xo

      1. Aww my pleasure, you’re so welcome.. Glad you’re back!
        I missed you as well, I instantly bonded with you as I was reading! Love ya back Lady L
        I like your name as well, I just need too say it a few more times so it can roll off my tongue, lol!😆 Have a fabulous evening 😘😄

  4. I really like this one, especially the third stanza. I find it rich with both the peaceful serenity of the love expressed in the poem, but also the double meaning inherent in the lines that really does a nice job of connecting that peaceful contentment to the physicality of a growing love. Really nice poem, and of course the ending lines are both blissfully romantic and feel like… okay, back to the beginning of the story that leads to the peaceful contentment and physicality.

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