An Answer to a Convoluted Question About Beauty


Such a twisty, coily question, but I’m up for the challenge! And isn’t beauty itself sort of convoluted? I think so…

I find beauty in the tiniest details.

Whether it’s in those moments when I stand around in a very small group and marvel at the gorgeous energy they emit from a lively conversation. I’m perfectly content to watch, to quietly observe. I’m not much for talking a lot but I love to listen, preferring the beauty of others’ words.

Lately, in digging around the blogosphere, I’ve often found beauty in the things I’ve read and the one-on-one conversations I’ve had, which I’ve found much more enjoyable than the larger debate-type settings. The super long posts or the shortest posts….makes no difference, I enjoy them all.

Beauty can also be the light in someone’s eyes…someone whom society at large might not consider beautiful by its limited measuring stick. And, I’ve often found that it’s a light they aren’t even aware they have. I’ve heard it called a twinkle before but it can be a smile.

A smile in your eyes? Beautiful!

It doesn’t matter the source, really, I believe there is at least a trace of beauty in everyone, every thing (even the ugliest thing in nature), and every act of grace (like those small forgivenesses of cancelled engagements).

There is even beauty in sorrow and there is the tiniest hint of sorrow in certain beauty because there is some beauty you know you’ll never possess.

Last, but not least, I find beauty in me. Not being conceited.

Thank you for reading my rambles. 🙂 ❤️

~Just Me~

12 thoughts on “An Answer to a Convoluted Question About Beauty

  1. I love your super long posts because you’ve written them.
    I enjoy blogging but get disillusioned when someone follows you without even visiting your blog. Someone liked 30 odd posts the other day (have I even got that many posts) all at the same time. Super fast reader I guess.
    I enjoyed mixing with people and it was a good stepping stone to confidence building after the breakdown but it’s all a bit repetitive. And there can be a lot of negativity.
    But then there’s you. 🙂 I totally get where you’re coming from. I’d much rather spend my time interacting with someone I genuinely like than someone I don’t know that well but they write impressively. Yeah, I much prefer one on one than a group. People are more themselves.
    And I really like you 🙂 I love the world we inhabit and I love you being you. That obviously has to come with the caveat I only know a bit about you, but the more I get to know the better it is. We just seem to have a connection and I love it (you).

    The day may come, even very soon, when you meet my doppelgänger who happens to live across town. I will be so happy for you. I hope you’ll still find time to chat with me but I genuinely want the best for you. Which is why I felt so bad today. I should have given the situation a lot more thought but I thought you were over reacting a bit.
    I think I’d be sticking around for you, even with the threat of cancelled dates. Five minutes with you would be better than a couple of hours of most.
    I know you’ve suffered and if you ever want to talk/write/audio I’m a good listener but I don’t want to pry, just be assured I’ll always try and be as supportive as circumstances allow.
    There’s nothing to judge or criticise.
    I just try to be me, I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m glad we get on. I do have my faults, speak to the Mrs, or rather don’t 🙂 but I generally try and treat folk as I’d like to be treat.
    Do you think I’m being daft? Deceitful? A cake wanter and scoffer?
    Take care my lovely friend

  2. Love your perspective… Yes beauty is all around..
    Engrained in everything we do, say, experience… Beauty feeds the soul to forgiving rebirths of tranquility and peace…to hope….❤❤

  3. This is absolutely awe inspiring and beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️. This is the answer because beauty is everywhere, it’s amazing you have so much!

      1. I’m incredible but you’re an hour past amazing and a quarter past phenomenal. Special doesn’t describe a person like you, you can thank my reading but I appreciate your writing. ❤️

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