26 thoughts on “Tiny Thoughts in Twenty Words ~A Dream from the Future ðŸŽˆ

  1. Oh you’re good! That’s brilliantly written, K. I’ve got to wait a year! Oh well… That does look a beautiful setting. Look at me awake at this time! Woke up and couldn’t drop off again, someone on my mind, in my mind, crawling about, picking and tweaking at things. It’s wonderful 🙂 xx

      1. Thanks again for all your help before. I may have another one for you. Check your email. 💙

      2. Yeah? Think? You should have been an editor. Your notes were right on time. Thanks, friendgirl. 🌹

  2. I’d get a passport just to “oversea” you beautiful. 😏. I had one before, but nothing came of it, no…. I think I passed a port if that counts.

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