❦ Whore~ified ❦


That which I cannot comprehend
Will never bend
My will to its whims ‘cuz
I’m protected by pseudonyms and flailing limbs

I want to swim in the darkest part of your ocean
Feel your commotion, your devotion
I have this notion of total immersion
Pulling me under, crashing emotion

Hard faced and hollow, still, I’d rather follow
You to your darkest places
Unwritten pain, locked behind
Not just one, but all (four) of our faces.

Let’s lock arms and float atop a whirlpool
There’s strength in numbers
Even if it’s just two
It can be just me and it will always be just you ❤︎

Ever notice how justice never comes fast enough?
And love never stays long enough?
Too busy tripping over stuff,
Baggage, and phony fluff.

The lawyers are lacking in conviction(s)
While the innocent suffer society’s forced restriction, improper evictions
And all that damn crazy diction.
All they need is friction (the good kind!).

Just cogs in a machine,
We’re all doing our part.
The sinners, the saints
My hands…your heart.

But there are complexities in life,
Unknowable by all.
And it’s the simple things, really,
That bring about our downfall.

Like trusting the wrong person
You find yourself awash in relief
When they exit stage left
Alone again in the center but not bereft.

What do you smell in the night,
When you’re half asleep?
Is it truth? Desolation?
A garbage heap?

Dirty dishes in the sink (stink!)
Make me stop and think:
Is this the best I can do?
Plates clank, the wine glasses clink.

Rancid milk in the fridge reminds me
Of that empty bottle of scotch…
Abandoned (LIKE SHAME!) on the floor, by the door,
Next to your watch.

Visceral, venomous vanity,
Stripping me of my sanity.
Double thinking makes me cringe,
Still, I reach for that syringe…

When night arrives, I’ll succumb
To a dull, dark soundless sleep;
Until I can know for sure, that it’s my soul He’ll keep
Blackened dreams wash away the decay of all I reap.

I am young and I am old.
I am bought and I am sold
So many times, I’m used to it.
Still, I choose to do that shit.

It’s always gonna be so dark inside
You gave it your best, I know I tried (while you cried)
But let it go, cut your losses and I’ll cut me mine. Why?
Because in the end, I am WE are all just…whore-ified.


© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

55 thoughts on “❦ Whore~ified ❦

  1. I really enjoyed this. I have a handful of bloggers following me who write poetry, and so out of politeness and decency I follow them back. But try and I might, I often can’t process or grasp their works. Laziness of mind on my part most likely. This one, however, kept me reading. Love the images and your shades of dark. “Double thinking” is indeed a scourge… – Marty

    1. Aww, thanks, Marty. I do appreciate your thoughts, very much so. I’m glad you liked it.

      I understand about not being able to grasp. I feel the same, at the same time I wonder if anyone gets my gibberish! Haha! I love your blog, too. You always make perfect sense and you make me think. I love the insight that is ever present there because it makes me feel like I’m getting to know you as a person and not just reading art. Have the best day. ~K

  2. This is absolutely amazing, it’s beautiful yet it’s dark, all while telling a story, it gets better each time I read it, all while keeping a rhythm, excellent I love it 💙

      1. What The Heck?? Whatever😲 My new avi?? Me? Thank you 😊 you’re so sweet and gorgeous yourself! You are in mine too. Oh ok I’ll go look. No worries. xoxo 😘

      1. Getting the house ready for a birthday party for my 6 year old niece this Saturday. Such a shame that no one will be old enough for Coke & rum.

        How about your weekend? Anything fun planned?

      2. Ahhhh, omg, barbies galore!! Ha! Lucky you! Nothing. Heading out with the girls tomorrow night then nothing the rest of the weekend! omg! weird. I’ll prolly work, though. 🙂

        you’re up late, lady bug.

      3. Rainbows and My Little Ponies!

        Have FUN with the girls!! I love doing nothing!

        It’s only a little past midnight. We witches stay up late when there’s no work the next day! Olè, olè, olè!

        I’m still gonna get on the treadmill for 20 minutes… then hop onto my broom and zoooooom! 😀

        You sleeping soon? Have a good night! xo

      4. broom! omg! you totally cracked me up imagining you swooping around on a broom! I love it…I’ll always think of you when I sweep mah floors!

        Rainbows and My Little Ponies!So cute! 🙂

        Wait, wine and treadmill? Huh? Teasing. Have a lovely workout! xo

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