❦ Birds of Prey ❦


~Birds of Prey~

Intriguing, soulful, intrepid delights.

Once wildly beckoned me on starless nights.

Then, mysteries abounded as swift birds of prey

Grudgingly followed the night into day.

As the warm sun showed her face upon

Soft morning dew in glorious dawn

The sweetest of spells I did bid adieu

One poignant memory…and two dreams of you.

As I did awaken on this beautiful day

My mind wandered to those wild birds of prey

Where did they go when daylight came hither?

Did they just disappear? Vanish or wither?

I s’pose they gathered together to nest

Upon steep cliff ledges they did so rest

Sleeping so fretfully deep in their caves

Bellies so full…unintentional graves.

Did they dream, those avian predators?

Of their dark and untamed feral massacres?

Did they pick from their talons sticky dried remnants?

Pieces of wet fur or bloodied fragments?

I s’pose the answers I will not soon know

But there’s one sweet notion that comforts me so

It’s knowing I’m safe from those wild birds of prey

As they grudgingly follow the night into day.

© 2016. KHP. All Rights Reserved.


69 thoughts on “❦ Birds of Prey ❦

  1. I have had nesting pairs of Cooper’s hawks in the tree behind my home and your poem captured their existence perfectly. Pure in their intent, ruthless in their execution, these birds of prey are magnificent.

      1. haha, no, sweetheart. not at all. I am glad you did and I know others will be, too. how come? 🙂

  2. I appreciated your weaving of the owls with life (they are the only bird of prey who hunts at night) My youngest and I go ‘hawking’ every so often. We’ll head out with cameras and seek birds of prey. Most of them like live meat, the majority will also scavenge. I could see the ones you wrote, hovering as scavengers over the dreams this woman had. Picking and destroying til only the carcass was left.

    1. You came away with the beauty in the savagery here, Kris. It’s the epitome of nature. We always think of nature as beautiful, but there is, as with all things, light and dark living inside.

      What a fun activity, shooting pics of wild birds of prey. Sounds like a day I would enjoy.

      I thank you so much for your read and your discussion. Wishing you and your ma and kiddos a peaceful, easy weekend. May all your dreams include a naughty pooka, hehe! 💙

      1. I’ll never forget the first time my boys watched an eagle tear into the carcass of a duck. ‘Mom! It is like the Discovery channel without the television!’

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  4. Ravens, buzzards and vultures oh my! Three birds of prey that catches my eye aside from a very beautiful one that wrote this one and caught me in her talons. It was hard to read this wonderful piece once babe as you took me from a dark to a light side, setting a tone while letting a descriptive picture speak while the words handled the volume.
    I loved some of the Old English style wording, you have such a way words that traps the reader. This was beautifully written by a gorgeous woman and neither can be touched. I love it. 😁

      1. You need never thank me for reading, I must thank you for writing. Gold doesn’t thank a treasure hunter for finding it, it’s the the that’s thanking his lucky stars.💫.
        Those birds of prey are old and your writing and the messages are so amazing!
        My day is off to a great start, waking up to a sunshine like you brightens anyone’s day, I’m lucky you’re my bright spot this morning!❤️. I’ll miss you this weekend too but I’ll be thinking about you so you’ll be in my ❤️!

    1. aw, thank you. I appreciate that coming from such an absolutely beautiful and prolific writer as you. :o) I’m still learning! Been at it only a few months, but someday I think I’ll look back on these days and see the tentativeness (I hope, anyway!).

      Hope you’re well. And I thank you for stopping in. 🙂

  5. I would have never guessed you were new to this your writing is so talented and well composed.. I am on the same page Im hoping my blog can help me progress. My pleasure 😊

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