❦ Hands of Time ❦


New Year’s Eve ~ 1977. She was a free spirit. He was just beginning to make his mark on the world. It was their first party together, the first time many of their friends and family would all be meeting each other. He caught her nervous fidget from the corner of his eye and reached for her hand. An easy familiarity had begun to grow between them.


Mother’s Day ~ 1987. She proudly wore the bracelet the girls had cajoled Dad into splurging on that year. He clasped her hand with warm confidence as they left the restaurant. They were on their way to catch the sunset before heading off to the symphony that night. That easy familiarity between them had long since given way to an unbreakable bond.

old couple hands EDIT

Valentine’s Day ~ 2017. They don’t stand much on ceremony these days. So, the Tiffany’s bracelet he’d given her 20 years ago today is the perfect accessory for their date tonight. They both appreciate the little things in life now, especially the grandchildren they’ve been blessed with. She was once a free spirit, but she’s so much more today. He’s done his fair share (and then some) for this world.

Their story is far from over. Indeed, that unbreakable bond they grew, that familiarity grown from a simple touch of their hands all those years ago, has truly stood the test of time. ❧


62 thoughts on “❦ Hands of Time ❦

  1. JM , another lovely post full of romantic yearnings. I loved the way you retold the story from 1977 to 2017 wonderful, touching you are an absolute sweetie xxx

    1. I did that bizarre thing again, Gary. Where I approve a comment from my phone in the a.m. and the notification gets cleared. Then I forget to go back an reply.

      My goodness, I seem to have lost my marbles this week. Forgive the late reply, please. I hope you are well and happy. ❥

      1. We all live busy lives and I know I often forget to go back to reply to people. I’m well and happy. It’s the start of what looks like a crisp clear day here. Lots of work and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

  2. Like fine wine, a good thing just gets so much better with time. The thing I appreciate about this write aside from the illustration that captures the time that slips into the future was how you were able to explain what time did but yet what it didn’t change. The years changed but the love and the bond remained and yet, they weren’t done…..they were just beginning. From a friendship bracelet to an anniversary bracelet. Some people can capture time in a bottle, you captured it verbally sweetheart. You’re beauty in what you do makes my ❤️ stop! Wonderful post.

      1. I know. I have to drive you there so you can come get me because I’m already there because you driven me there already! Sounds pretty crazy, huh? 🙂

      1. It’d be crazy if just one of us was crazy for one while the other was totally sane leaving one of us out of the crazy while leaving the other in sane.

  3. Another wonderful story. A lifetime told in three short sentences, angel. What I especially love is the way you make me imagine the rest of their story, beyond each photo, during that time frame, just using a few subtle sentences.

    I love your mind. ❤️

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