45 thoughts on “True, Right? 💙

  1. Integrity is everything. I love this message! Ditto times infinity? (o: lovely weekend, babers. enjoy your time off. ttynw

  2. But, of course. By the way, water is not wet. I just thought you should know!
    Only the happiest of days to you and the Things. God knows you’ve earned them. Catch ya next week. ❤️🌹💙💞

    1. omfg, are you for real, ro? lmao. yeah, you right. but still?? ha! take care, bro.

    1. roflmao! Finally! I told you there is a poet in ALL of us!

      Um, I “hat” you, too? *evil giggles*

      Is that like dubbing me…you dub me? Yeah? M’kay. I’ll take a baseball cap. And thank you! ❥


  3. Good mornin’, K.

    It’s cold here, still. Bunch of us got up early before the 5k today. You missed a great meeting yesterday. Remind me to tell you something about it. You’re going to get a kick out of it.

    Talk soon. If not today, then when I get home tomorrow. Miss you, sweetie.

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