❦ One Night Stand ❦


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The first 5 minutes…

I saw the invitation in your eyes
And a tiny ripple of pleasure
Scattered like curious flies
Over the corpse of my soul.

3 minutes later…

I touched the tension in your forearm
And I knew at once why it felt so strong
“Lonely?” I asked, as our eyes danced
A meretricious waltz.

30 (boring) minutes later…

I heard the sinister echo
Of the ascetic words your fingertips
Whispered into the small of my back:
“Let’s go.”

30 (less boring) minutes later…

I tasted every inch of your velvet desire
Coaxing you into sublime release.
You feigned indifference while ~
Writhing away…hungry, glistening skin.

1 minute later…

I felt the pull of your shame
As you thrashed in ecstasy
Cold, sweating, you came
Unhinged and then, shattered.

10 seconds later…

I smiled in the dark…pleased.
You reached for me…💋

©️ khp 2017. all rights reserved.

55 thoughts on “❦ One Night Stand ❦

  1. Holy crap!!!! 😱 Um, pick me? 🤓

    Beautiful write, you……wow. “meretricious waltz” perfect characterization of these encounters. 💙💙💙💙

  2. Your writing parallels the style of the movie 9 1/2 weeks with its own unique and creative imagery. Even a cold shower won’t extinguish the flames ignited! This defines PASSION.
    Well done.

  3. Wow wow wow.. JM dear u really nailed it with the exact pressure.. brilliantly described… Use of words and specially the time frames mentioned for wait was beauuuu- tiful.

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