❦ He’ll Never Be You ❦


I think of you and I just want to shout: “YES! THIS IS IT!” This is how it’s supposed to be!

I’d have the same expression on my face as Vincent did when he realized he really did love Olivia. He couldn’t WAIT to tell her! He called her from that sad payphone on that dank little island after sleeping in his car through that harsh rainstorm the night before.

How fresh everything must’ve smelled when the morning breeze hit his face as he dialed her.

You know that ear to ear grin he had, his crazy laugh, his pure exuberance during and after that call (before accidentally killing himself a little while later)?

That is how you make me feel.

You make me respect you without muttering a single word. You don’t impose your will onto me, unless we’ve agreed that that is the game (when we feel like playing it). You don’t lecture, condescend, criticize, defend yourself, whine, nag, beg, borrow, or steal a single shred of my soul.

Instead, you manage to stir my soul with your almost irreverent appreciation of women. You are the epitome of power and masculinity. I’ve seen your strength, yet not a trace of arrogance in you. You never feel a need to drag out the ego when we disagree.

And, your warmth, your genuine kindness, and your mind are the most special things about you. Your smile feels like the sun. Even the darkness inside of you that you keep hidden, even from yourself, is beautiful.

You are not what anyone says you are. You are just you. And I appreciate you.

Even if you don’t know it.

Vincent and Olivia

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