❦ Deconstructed ❦


I would have thought your deconstruction of me
Would have been my destruction you see
But ’twas not meant to be.

Right at the start my common sense
Established a hearty defense
Quickly met with mournful countenance.

In silk intertwined you tasted my name
Face to face ~ passions inflamed
You were most willing…and I was the game.

Thus, began our periphery ~ utterly raw and true
Engorged in promise, yet coincidental, too
I wasn’t even me yet, but you were quite you.

I wasn’t even guilty, but you made me confess
Unquenchable desire ~ ’twas my best guess
Savagely shared bodies, hearts never possessed

And in between paroxysm and violence
Languished vivid and torrential silence
Blind optimism followed by de trop guidance

Then blustery December had finally arrived
When inevitably we’d whisper our lasting good-byes
Through cloudy, overwhelmed, tired, sad eyes

Now the end brings freedom to dance
This time by design and bittersweet happenstance
May your soul find its peace ~

For, even you deserve that chance.

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.