❦ Rip Current ❦



Lost inside
Swirling clouds of doubt
Ripped apart…alas!
Forever asunder

Breath and skin
Spawn tangled lies
In crashing waves
And washed ashore

Lost inside
Breath and skin
Swirling clouds of doubt
Spawning tangled lies

Ripped apart…alas!
In crashing waves
Forever asunder
And washed ashore

Forever asunder….and washed ashore.

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

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Note from me: The circular nature of this poem is designed to illustrate the torrid, seemingly endless nature of rip currents or whirlpools. Think….vortex of lies. 🖤

Thank you for reading my dark, drowny little scribble. 🌹

37 thoughts on “❦ Rip Current ❦

  1. “vortex of lies” so beautifully put, my sweet. I fall every. single. day. 🖤

      1. no ya don’t. you love me. you just don’t know it yet. 😜😘💥❤️🌹💞

  2. A vortex can be more than lies, it can be the darkness of life overwhelming you til you surface in a gasp and grab a bit of driftwood which may or may not help you survive. (note: run on sentences are also a vortex)

  3. I see what you did there, clever lady. 🙂

    You have two verses on their own. Then you took the first lines of each verse and made them the first two lines of the third verse. Then, you took the second lines of the first two verses and made them the second and third lines of the third verse and so on.

    And in the spirit of David Whyte, you repeated the final two lines of the fourth verse.

    SUPER DOPE, goddes!!!!!

    Man, I’m smart. I need a piece of banana bread after all that! lmao beautifully penned, lovely! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. And the prize for most clever reader goes to YOU! YAY! Congrats!!!! 🎉🎈💥🍾

      And weird you should mention banana bread…I happen to have some right here!!!! 💖

    1. I just laughed my ass off at a Trump/orbs joke on another blog! so freaking funny! xoxoxo

      and thank you so much for liking my works, bri. I love you, sister wife! haha! If only that sister wife thing were true!!!

      1. Of course you are That’s why I like you so much straight down the middle as they say and I love all your quirky comments but especially like you Lovely xxxxx

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  5. … it was a dark and drowny night…
    Suddenly, a shot rang out…
    A scream was heard.
    The stock market crashed.
    All the mermaids left for the coast.


    Truth is the most under-rated commodity we as humans have at our disposal.
    But most haven’t grown enough to even realize how like a pack of animals we’re behaving.
    You’re truth is not necessarily my truth… but it is a truth.

    It’s when you think your “truth” should supersede all other “truths” that trouble arises.
    When people use the “truth” as a tool of manipulation.
    Along that path lies the roots of fundamentalism… violence… terrorism…

    Maybe the secret is in learning which truths are worth fighting, and dying, for…

    All that being said, I’d still like to land a well-aimed punch on that lying dude’s nose…
    Or maybe a kick in his happy place…

    1. Well…
      Now that I’ve weighed in, I’m sorta regretting it, and seriously considering weighing in back out again.
      I am not a violent man, for all that I have absolutely NO patience with bullies, liars, thieves and all that ilk…
      So when I talk of landing a punch, it would an example of the purest optimism on my part that I should land it anywhere ,including O’hare and Orly, much less on a runway as small as a nose…
      I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I through a punch, because written history doesn’t extend back that far.
      The oral history, suspect at the best of times, puts it somewhere around the Triassic Period…
      I get so terribly, terribly frustrated with the human race, and anyone’s attempts to manipulate others, that I half-way understand why the violence erupts in the first place.
      But I think I’m living on the wrong planet these days, because that seems to be the only way to make people pay attention for as long as they do…
      Which wasn’t very long to begin with…

      I apologize for suggesting violence, as that would seem to only add to the cacophony around us.
      It’s a tough topic, period; without Manchester.

      Anchors, aweigh…

    2. Can I come over?

      Feel like hiding out in your blog for a few days…reading, commenting. Don’t want to impose or make you feel like I am stalking you. Even though I am. Haha! j/k. 🙂

      1. Nah…I was having a day. Not you at all. I found your words strong and resolute, exactly what I like in a thought, sometimes. I was just afraid I’d upset you somehow.

        I like it over there at your place…so this weekend…I’ll be there. 🙂 Thanks for letting me invite myself. ❤︎

  6. Very emotional and I have to appreciate the picture you choose to represent this piece. The mermaid, not just her but her position and pose, she looks trapped in a tempest and the wording of the poem just represents that no matter where you turn, you’ll never get out of this grief. It will eventually wash you ashore but you’ll still be parted with grief that you won’t be able to escape from. Hopefully the storm subsides, brings a rainbow and an anchor can steady the ship. ;o) Your writing is amazing, let me know if I’m off base with this.

    1. It was meant to convey that if you find yourself drowning in lies, eventually you and the lies will be washed ashore. Once you’re on shore, you will be separated (safe at last!) from those lies.

      Thanks for commenting!

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