❦ Love Song ❦


“I just wish I knew what I meant to you.” ~an old lover.

My love,

You were the song that I wrote by candlelight…

In measured notes
A wistful melody
Filled with desire
Wrapped in hope

In every verse
You were there
I penned your truth
In dulcet refrains

You became
A masterpiece
A moving concerto
Composed of magic
An epic libretto!

You linger, still,
That song which
Never quite left my soul
I sing you orchestral
In moments alone

As history shows
Music will often change
But you remain
Forever a classic
If slightly estranged

A poignant adagio
La dolce far niente
Whispered, so true
My first love, my first song…

My love, that was you. ♥︎


© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

75 thoughts on “❦ Love Song ❦

      1. Omg!!! You’re so picky! Sheesh!!!

        Hehe, just teasing you, Mahesh. I apologize for getting your name wrong. Please forgive me? I’ll never do it again. 💙💙💙💙🙏

    1. Yes, an ode to past togetherness. Was taking a walk down memory lane, remembering. A return to love seems in order. Here’s o a lovely weekend for you, lovely friend. 💙

      1. Nah huh you are😜 I love you and you’re so beautiful! If I was into 🐣 phew 😅LOL ONLY SERIOUS! You’re gorgeous in every way!!!! Yeah it’s been tough and gonna get a little tougher because my baby will be leaving in 80 days for the Army😭

  1. Beautiful and Lovely JM you are the Tops nothing is greater than past memories of Love that Lingers what an absolutely beautiful and enchanting poem it will remain with me forever. Delightful want it to last forever May you remain the sweetest thought my love xxxx

  2. I was going to add to my comment and tell you thank you for helping illuminate my world, but I don’t see it—

    1. My god, V. Key right into the intention, much? You are a man who definitely understands love. And you’re still teaching me about poetry. Thought I’d remind you. ♥︎

      1. Thanks, K! I don’t know whether I understand it or not, but I do believe in it, beyond the four letters. Thankful to you for this connect, for am quite an introvert beyond the words I write!!! ☺️💙

  3. I cringed inwardly at “old lover” seeing the double entendre. I know what you meant by it.

    wishful thinking…sigh. I have no words for this, so I’m just gonna read it again. and again tomorrow….and so on. ❤️❤️❤️

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