❦ Déconseillé ❦


Freedom flits
Across pristine sheets*
Where once
Two hearts
Lay spilled

In arabesque,
En pointe!
Freedom sways
Rhythmic, tendrilled

Amidst playful leaps…
And whimsied frolics
Freedom floats

Dueled souls
Now amply reignited
Passions soar free ~
Immerged and unbounded.

sheets* may be interchanged with “pages” …if you wish. ❤︎

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

68 thoughts on “❦ Déconseillé ❦

  1. Dear, K, such lovely prose to wake up to on my lazy day… 🙂 What are you doing? I think I’ll be writing and lounging around in the hammock. Kids are on a safari today.

    Life is so hard here in paradise. Love, Bitz ❤️

    1. Dear Bitz, do NOT make me get all Annie Wilkes on your ass. I can only imagine the hammer would not feel as good on you as it did on Sheldon’s tendons. *dark, evil grimace*

      Haha, I don’t even know where that violent outburst came from. :o))

      I am so happy for you guys!!! 💖

    1. Yes. It speaks of a couple different things for you, the beautiful reader (as well as Angus, I suppose. 😉)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ❤︎

      1. I will brush any out of your hair…. after ice cream. We don’t ever disrespect ice cream

    1. Just googled it. I never do extra image links because if you click on it, it should go to the place where I found it. Thanks for reading, you. Hope you’re long weekend is a fabulous one. ❤️

      1. Hope you have the same JM cant wait for another of your scintillating posts that makes me shiver with excitement all over without you my life would be so empty . As usual your are my true one Love in blogging terms of course Ha! Ha! xxxx

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  3. I love how you can word things because you have the distinct ability to go two ways, both are beautiful I might add. This is so romantic, the picture tells me one thing but my body is telling me something else, especially when I break down the title. I’ll tell you my opinion, which is “Not Recommended”. Just kidding, this is romance at it’s best in my opinion, “Amidst playful leaps…And whimsied frolics Freedom floats Puissant…ungrounded. That line was about influence over the other, taking control, almost taking the lead on the dance floor. I watch dancing shows sometimes and I know about poetry in motion and this is what this is to me. The way you combined these words together, you actually made them dance with each other on the floor all the way to the bedroom.

      1. I see. Well, I was mistaken in my interpretation of your comment “…The way you combined these words together, you actually made them dance with each other on the floor all the way to the bedroom..” lol! no worries. 🙂

      2. So, now there is a new interpretation to “leading to the bedroom?”


        And I never said your mind was in either place…..just said that it was an interesting take because it was nothing at all about what you thought it was. 🙂

      3. It’s not about romance. That’s why your interp was interesting. It’s a totally different take on what I meant. Differences are what make us all unique.

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