❦ That’s What I Get For Loving You ❦

There is this on-going dialogue running through my mind tonight.

And, there are certain things I would think about saying to you…tonight.

You know, if we were together right now; if you were here…in my living room with this song playing on the stereo.

I guess maybe it started in the car earlier this evening.

But before that, here’s what happened…

You arrived at my house. You parked your car, gingerly, to avoid the overgrown rose bush next to the driveway.

Lazy sun was still hanging around. I think he wanted to see you…maybe to give his kiss of approval?

From my living room window, through gossamer curtains, I watched you as you made your way up the walkway to the door.

I love the way you walked…keys in hand, sunglasses glinting in the dusky sunlight, nervously running your fingers through your hair.

I opened the door and drank you in….your tanned skin, the undeniably enchanting gleam in your beautiful eyes. Of course, you smelled incredible, too (very important!). Clive Christian No. 1, if I’m not mistaken.

You smiled your dazzling, easy-going smile.

We dispensed of the preliminaries and headed out to my car. You were so understanding of my need to drive tonight.

I tossed you my phone before we got settled in and belted up.

“Playlist, please…..”

“Huh?” you asked, looking sweetly confused.

“Make a playlist, silly. Something we can listen to while we’re driving.”

A few minutes later we were on the freeway, top down (of course!).

This song right here in this post was the first song that you played.

I looked over at you as the melodies washed over me….and you casually placed your hand on my knee.

Within seconds, our fingers were interlaced as you guided our hands to my cheek.

It was only natural that my lips would find your fingertips.

You were sitting back, almost reclined, your head resting…so relaxed, with a soft smile playing on your beautiful mouth.

You made it so hard for me to shift when we hit our exit and then again on the few streets we had to navigate to get to the restaurant. Manual transmissions were never my thing.

At the end of our date, you were the perfect gentleman. You politely informed me that you were “going to k……..”

I leaned in and softly stole that kiss you were about to procure just as you were promising it to me. Greedy me!

And now, listening to this song again….I can’t help but want you here. I’d slip into your arms and we’d dance so damn slowly with our bodies completely connected, my head on your shoulder, your arms wrapped tightly around my body.

I’d tell you that you’re amazing, you know that?

I’d have to let you know that you are, in fact, the sexiest man on the planet. Because you are.

I’d probably remind you that I especially love the way you talk to me. It’s not just courting behavior. It’s you. The real you.

It’s just you.

In fact, it’s always been just you; from the beginning of time, before I even knew you.

It’s always been…just you. ♥︎



This isn’t going to be easy. But not much worth having ever is.

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

97 thoughts on “❦ That’s What I Get For Loving You ❦

      1. haha, I kinda thought you would. Why the fuck are you so unavailable? Or are you just playing hard to get?

        You will never in a million years know how much I want you. ❤︎

      2. lol, none of the above.

        Trust me, you do not want any part of this. I’m totally fucked up. Go find yourself a nice girl…like someone who needs to put their underwear on to get your attention. 🙂

  1. My goodness, young lady. You make dating seem positively beautiful. Even when, we do know in fact that it is full of mayhem and brutal awkwardness! Just playing. This was a twice read post and going back for thirds. I adore your beautiful imagination very much. 🌹

    1. Why thank you, mister…….I appreciate you in every way. 💖

      And you are correct, dating is wrought with horror stories! I may even have to share one or 500. 😎

      1. Oh!
        Extremely sorry.I was so touched by your writing that I forgot to follow you . Now I’m done 😊

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