❦ Shelter of Sunlight ❦

Savage, resplendent rage
Terrifies me to my very soul ~
Did you know?

So, forgive me as I betray
On the turning away 
From that which can never fulfill ~
A callous heart encased in bitterness
Evil vitriol, it’s mainstay.

Beseeching redress

And seeking refuge
From murky deluge ~
I’ll forget to remember you,
Or miss you,
Or feel blue.

Universe, I ask instead,
For the warmth of
A million and three stars

And a cozy bed
Where peaceful respite
Soothes such eerie dread.

And, Universe, if you please,
After starry slumber

Bring forth lustrous
Morning dew
On soft, pelted grass
Glistening, calm and true.

In gentle dawn’s soft glow,
Find me there, quietly
Basking in the shelter

Of your infinite sunlight.

Enraptured…so joyously renewed.

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© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.


We don’t often see sunlight as shelter. But, I find it quite sheltering against the vitriolic wrath and anger so common in today’s world, whether from individuals or factions.

The sun’s warmth gives me a sense of peace, most mornings and evenings. Every new day is a gift of hope to be treasured. And the end of the day brings contemplation and intention for all of our tomorrows.

Thank you for reading.

Just Me ♥︎

85 thoughts on “❦ Shelter of Sunlight ❦

      1. Saturday morning here. Our reserves kick off in under 2 hours. Freezing here this morning now the sun is out.

      1. Really? Should I look for anything my end? Was wondering where you were. Hope you’re ok xxx

      2. I’m ok, thanks. Same. How’s the knees? And the calves? You doing alright physically? 🙂

        I’m not sure if there’s anything for you to do. Your screen name link works from my notification page but in other places there seems to be no link, just your name. Could be my devices. Sorry. I’ve missed you. Hugs.

      3. Same. Glad you you’re here again. Physically going well. Chinese medicine the best thing. Running more. Eating well.
        Cold weekend. -2°C yesterday.
        Going into town soon. I will post soon. Bard had quite a few challenges xxx

  1. By the way, young lady…..I know the significance of Sunday for you. The girls and I are staying home and cooking. Give a call if things get……well, you know. We’re here. 💖🌺

    1. Thanks, Ro. I’m good. A little anxiety, but it’s pretty mellow. I think Alex has something planned, so that will definitely be a great thing! 🙂

      I really appreciate your understanding. J, E, and M have all texted already, too. Thanks again. I hope your Father’s Day is a beautiful one. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      1. Gotcha. I was fortunate to not have been molested sexually. Two of those 4 dads could have fallen in that trap, they were just scary mean.

      2. Well, kiddo. I know you hide more than you share, so when you say “a little anxiety” I can only imagine.

        Just focus on Monday, ok? And you took yourself off call this weekend, right?

        I can’t even come close to expressing how deeply, profoundly sad it makes me when I think of what you survived. The abuse you lived through. You are my hero, young lady. Love you lots and you have my deepest admiration and respect, too, angel. Just pick up the phone if things get to be too much.


      3. Meh, almost 30 years ago. Thanks so very much for caring. And thanks for being such an amazing friend. Honestly, just focusing on my friends who are great fathers (like you and Omar, for example!) helps so much. Thinking about how there are billions of fathers out there who would never do the things he did also really helps. 🙂

        I had to compromise, so OC tonight, but then off the rest of the weekend. Sheld was very understanding and had my replacement in like 5 minutes. So, I turn it over at 6 am and then, sleep, then we’re probably heading down to SD.

        Lots of love to you guys, mister. Thanks for having my back. And thanks for being genuinely sensitive and caring. 🙂

      4. Hey, gorgeous Georgie…..First, give that C-Dub a long smooch from me. He’s not getting much airtime. 🙂

        Second, I know this is a shitty weekend for you. We’re here. I know you will do what you need to do, but if you start feeling like shit’s gonna hit, hmu 24/7. I will see you on Sunday, gurliez! Cannot fucking wait! We gonna get in some shit, g! Woohooooooo! Mad love, sweetieface.

      5. Nope. You ain’t alone. You know my history, too, sweet girl. No one gets it unless they’ve lived it or work in the mental health profession, maybe. I’m covered on both fronts! You are not alone and it’s just a day. Use it to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished in spite of what you survived. And of course, I’m a phone call away, too. love, love. xoxo ❤️

  2. Your words wrapped my imagination in a galaxy of wonder. Thank you—Those last three stanzas…WOW! I can feel that dew and the cooling relaxation in this.

    1. Oh, the wonder of the delete button! What ever am I gonna do with you two knuckleheads? What is the cyber equivalent to a smack upside the head? Hehehe!

      Thanks for all the love, sweet friends of mine. ❤︎

  3. Beautiful poetry, K! Wow! I just wrote one about glistening morning dew as well. It’s such a peaceful sight. 🙂

    1. I know you did and it was extremely passionate, David. I read it on my phone this morning (before I left my boudoir). 😊

      Vos mots sont comme des gouttelettes de pluie fraiche dans les chaudes journées d’été, remplis de promesses séduisantes de toutes choses bonnes pour le corps et l’âme. ❤️

  4. I liked your analysis here.. I used to liked the darkness of the night till I found fear in that darkness. I started preferring the day… Now I am trying hard to start to like my darkness too.

  5. Beautiful wonderful poetry JM lovely just what I wanted after a couple of fucking awful days Hazel is having a real struggle Lots of bad Mental health Her personality Disorder bad Voices very strong self harmed huge gashes in her arms rushed her to Accident and Emergency had 20 stiches better now but she is just having a hard time A friend has taken her to see Wonder woman so that will be good She is wonderful my daughter but going through Hell there is always a bright tunnel at the end you are the only blogger I could tell this to so understanding sweet and lovely love you lots have a good weekend xxxx

    1. Hi, Laur. I am so sorry I missed this! I am deeply saddened to hear of Hazel’s troubles. How is she by now? On the mend? I can’t tell you how bummed I am that I missed this.

      I am keeping you both in my prayers. Please give her some love from me, however she receives it…hugs, or pats on the head, or words. I don’t know. If I could, I’d give her a long hug. It would be nice to just sit an play or draw or color with some music playing or to spend the day cooking and creating something delicious together.

      You’re both in my heart and prayers. I wish you well and I know it’s hard for you, too, being a single dad with an autistic daughter. And at her age, her mental growth is probably a struggle, too. Not just the symptoms of her condition, but her normal malaise, too.

      Please take real good care. I wish you both peace and love. Miss you. 💖

      1. JM , what a fantastic reply , thanks very much for your lovely thoughts your are gorgeous , Beautiful and wonderful. we have been going through a bit of a crisis but we will see it through we were up at accident and Emergency yesterday Hazel suffering from pains in the stomach but the consultant saw Hazel and she is sleeping now and seems to have had a good night. I can’t get over how sweet and wonderful you are its great to have friends like you. autism is a difficult condition at the best of times but Hazel has Anorexia as well so that doesn’t help. hazel loves Arts and Crafts and she is so good at Colouring , sequin art and Mosaics I can write about Art but Hazel can do it. really excellent she is Love you Lots and Missing you as well xxxx

      2. Hi My Lovely ,
        I forgot to wish you a Happy 4th July day If I was still married it would have been a wedding anniversary for me today Have a great day Love you lots my dear sweet Friend xxxx

  6. Everyday we renew our weary souls tormented by the life’s challenges n hurdles by the new rise of the sun…..it nourishes us n helps us to get a fresh spirit of hope…thankz for uploading such a beautiful post…

      1. Thanks Babydoll! xoxoxo xoxoxo, out of breath, whew that’s a lot of love, lmao, between catering and this mentally challenged phone, I’m okay… I guess, just got loads of May emails yesterday 😕😝😘😂😂😂😂 XOXOXO

      1. Whew! I was worried about you luv! But no worries now 😘😘. So happy you’re coming up for air! I know what that’s like 😉. I’ve been slacking a little lol 😂. Found a supercalifragilistically awesome herbal pain reliever today; works better than Tramadol and is also a great relaxant too. No known addictive potential either! Doing ok 😁. Happy to see you 💖🌟💖

  7. Wonderful poem! I could feel the emotion of the transition as you turned away and awaited the warmth and light of day. Your analysis is interesting too. Life events as perceived in the evening and late night can feel very different in the light of day where we often feel stronger and more hopeful.

  8. Brilliant poetry !
    I like how you analyse your own poetry.
    I also find shelter in sunlight, but being from Scotland, it is a short burst of sunlight followed by more rain.
    Dave 🙂

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