❦ Shrouded ❦

There is a
magical place,
alive, beyond
these concrete walls.

A place
of untouchable

Image result for woman on cliff at night purple

like liquid

on the end
of your quill.


This place

the infinity
of my most
beckoned dreams.

night ribbons

upon the hallowed

of a rocky
it is that place
where mere men
shall never fall

And, where dark idols shall ne’er linger.

Image result for woman on cliff at night purple

What is this place?

It is my night ~
in shining,
armored stars; amidst
a shrouded cloak

of jagged memoirs ~
defiantly impervious
of its

Much like a knight would be.


 © 2017 khp. all rights reserved.

Thank you for reading my dark little scribble. Have a beautiful day.  ♥︎

~Just Me~

100 thoughts on “❦ Shrouded ❦

  1. I love this dark scribble, especially the play on words with night in shining armor. Have a lovely day yourself, K. ❤

  2. Dear JM may the protection of the night and the armoured stars never end. As much as light has warmth, it’s the night where the fun is and warmth can be found for those who want it. I love your words, beautiful lady.

      1. A few things happening here. Have not forgotten you. Hope you’re ok. Taurus moon in a few hours. Hope everything is ok for you over there 💚💚❤

      2. In Taurus now. Perhaps the mad Mars energy is gentling. Been a bit over things. Frustrated with having no money and living healthier and more disciplined than any. Plus having helped other live too. One of our number will be out of the knock.soon and the whole case and trial will be reviewed. Someone he helped and who still follows him has become a very popular senator in that time. We are ready to level up and keep taking a legitimate stake. People who invested in keeping this suppressed have been very angry lately and several having further health problems. Self will I guess…. they live by self will while we keep living by the sword. We have died before for them to make us thus.
        Blessed ne sister

  3. Watching you write would be equivalent to watching Di Vinci paint, it would be like watching art. The wording you combine is mastery….untouchable intangibility, like MC Hammer, one can’t touch that….rocky precipice, that’s stone cold! When I read this, I am perambulating through the mind because it is a place where magic lives, its untouchable and it can be mysterious and it holds dreams. It’s your night and it’s your place that’s impervious to pain, it’s held up to all it has came up against. This is a work of art and this is how I interpret it. I love reading your dark scribble because it shines so much light. 🔥

    1. It’s about how the night is what I have in common with someone who sees me completely and whose protective nature touches my soul, even from oceans away. 🙂

      1. Within the mind, it has to do with the comforts of the mind. Your had to do with the comforting of the mind while my interpretation went into the mind, you know?

      2. lol, uh, no. sowwy. you don’t get me. haha. no worries. very few do…but the ones that do? whew….unbelievably amazing when you find someone who gets you, you know? :o) xo

      3. No problems, people read things different but art can be interpreted many ways. But yes, the ones that do get you, it’s an amazing feeling!! It’s like magic. 💫

      1. I didn’t unfollow you. And my blog being private had nothing to do with you. Please stop thinking things I do and write here are about you. I keep telling you, they aren’t. If it ever is, I would tell you.

    1. OH, wow….your name. I loved it the second I saw it. It conjured the best of dreams. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. My favorite of the day, Knight. ❤︎

      1. And, is “America” curled up with a soft blanket and a cup of tea right now, young lady? 💕💕💕

        Hope your night is better than your day was. Talk in a few hours. 😘

  4. I could see where you were walking-your footsteps are not easy to see, but these eyes can sense their luminescent outlines and I follow.

  5. You have a way of making night sound so inviting, despite its “untouchable intangibility.” I love those two words together. They highlight the repetitive, slightly redundant feel of the night, which arrives…well, forgive me, night after night. The only thing that changes is how we experience it.

    You make me want to visit your nights, angel. 🌹

    1. I’m so glad you picked up on that…it was my point entirely…”untouchable intangibility” is exactly redundant…like the night. As redundant as the night is, whatever happens there never seems to be.

      I love that you understand my strange little mind. ❤︎

  6. count me in on understanding….the context does jump off the page, if one knows the beautiful K. 🙂 You have been thought of and missed this summer, sweet girly girl.

    1. omg, you whose name I am not allowed to say, hehehe! how is you? missed you, doc. how’s things? did you get that rec I sent you? Nick gave me her name. Let me know…text a sister back why dontcha? lolz!!!! wish you were coming to my party. loves and such as… xo

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