❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

Standing in this opulent London hotel room today, I knew exactly one hour ago ~ as I meticulously dashed cherry gloss over my lips ~ that there’d be no artificial smiles during delightful and unexpected reunions one day.

Tonight is a one off.

Weeks of careful planning on your part created this experience.

We are to finally meet face to face tonight ~ the real you and the real me. Alone, save for our baser….more physical instincts.

Tonight is for the sole intention of getting to know our true selves a little better. There are no old scores to settle between us, no issues to discuss, nor is there any next level to get to.

And there will be very little, if non-existent, verbal communication.

We’ve already said it all, really.

The subtext in our conversations of late has a life of its own, it seems. Layers upon layers…a lifetime of words in just a few months.

I’m done talking with my mouth (and my words)…tonight.

It’s a few hours later…

You’re wife….is gone by now. You’ve sent her on her way in one of those sweet, albeit calmly predictable domestic scenes…a kiss on the forehead and a “drive carefully, please.”

She won’t be back until tomorrow morning.

We’ll have the entire night to ourselves, at long last.

I arrived at your sprawling estate a few minutes ago, safely and comfortably relaxed in the luxury car you ordered. My driver called your guard on the radio, muttering something about the arrival of the package.

Package, indeed.

I am encased in the softest jersey dress you had sent over, which clings to my every curve.

The high heels you selected for me make me feel so grown up

As your guard escorts my driver to your front door, the butler scurries out to usher me inside. I’d hoped you’d be there to greet me, but you’ve always made me aware that women come to you and not the other way around.

It’s different. And I love it….

Your man, Frank, leads me through the imposing foyer and down a long hallway. He opens a door and steps aside.

“You’ll find M’Lord just through there…”

I thank him and head up the stairs.


Every step leads me closer to your capable hands.

I imagine their warmth on me after you’ve primed my body with your assortment of whips, ropes, and various other tools designed to remove any illusion of control I might have tonight.

Every step elicits more and more involuntary, physical reactions from my body. By the time I reach the door, I’m trembling….honeyed desire dribbling down my thighs, nipples erect, and your favorite part of my body (my stomach), is practically dancing from all the butterflies.

I open the door and see you “…sitting there in your chair, so patiently, a cup of hot coffee by your side, watching the hands on the clock, as they move almost unnoticeably.”

You turn to look at me.

I wait, silently, as your eyes travel the landscape of the vision that is me, which you helped create today.

Your gaze meets my eyes, finally.

Your voice is thick and rough (the way I love it!) as you gruffly whisper: “What took you so long?”

“Well, hello, to you, too…husband.”

You grin as you remember why we’re here.

“Well, well. Hello…beautiful wife of mine. You ready for this?”

I nod eagerly. I could not be more ready.

You beckon me closer as you reach for my blindfold. ❤︎

111 thoughts on “❦ Domesticity? Not Today… ❦

  1. “I’m done talking with my mouth (and my words)….for tonight, anyway.”
    Damn, lady. If I wasn’t married…you’d be in trouble.
    Another one of your genius twists at the end. I loved it. You had me going, thinking it was an affair….and it is, isn’t it? To have an affair with one’s spouse? The best kind. Your mind? So beautiful.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

      1. LOL! One day, you will eat those words, young lady. As long as I get to be the one to give you away, I will be happy as a penguin when you discover the man you were meant to spend your life with. 🙂

      2. Ok, IF I ever get married, then you can give me away. And that is a big IF! I am a confirmed bachelorette, my friend. Dating is tolerable, but it’s the rest of it I can’t seem to stomach. ;o)

        Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. And 17 years? Wow.

      1. You are such a creative writer with deep imagination. I’m sure you could write an ending that would be amazing. I love how your words conjur such rich thoughts in my mind.

      2. It pleases me no end to know that I can enrich your imagination with such naughty morsels.

        “The mind…it’s a wonderful, dirty thing. ~ Robert Redford, “Up Close and Personal” 💋🌹💖

      3. Of course not! 😎

        Although, I did just now stumble upon some zealoutry regarding fornication in mah reader. Ha! (cue the “unfollow” click! 🤔).

        It made me want to kick a habit. Not the nun inside the habit, of course. Just the habit….😇

  2. Ahhh, perfect ending! I didn’t see that coming! A wonderful fantasy, K. No git yer ass back in the trailer and fry me up some of that deer meat while I go chop some wood for the fire. And my apologies for letting the electric bill go unpaid and for gambling away all my measly paycheck! 😂 💖

    1. lolz, awwww, it’s okay, useless fatass husband, I’m just gonna leave your drunk, smelly ass by the river tomorrow anyway. I’ve been learning how to drive this heap of shit while you were out with your dirty strippers and their dirty thongs! I have dreams, you know! I deserve better than shitty beer flavored venison and stolen cigarette butts from the other campers’ trash bins!!!! YOU PROMISED ME WE’D BE OUT OF THIS HELLHOLE BY NOW! 😝

      1. roflmfao!!!!!!!! oh my god, crazzzzzzy lady!!!! \backing slowly away\
        please don’t stab me with that rusty knife! i’ll be better!

        lol@ dirty thongs! ewwwwwwww…..I’ll never let another stripper give me a lap dance until she passes the smell test! 😎

      2. oh, hon, ya did that a lonnnng time ago. just by showing up. 😍😍😍😍😍
        evie sends kisses and has advised me that you should keep Sebbie. She’s gonna email you after practice. 🙂

      3. Aww, such sweet prose, prince. I love you guys. And tell Evie I will hear her arguments tomorrow. I’m sure she will have great points. Why oh why did I take on another puppy? They are not without their complications. 🙂 Have a lovely eve with the girls. Thinking of you guys.

  3. I’m not from London, nor is there a full moon out tonight but after reading this….you got me turning into a wolf! This is a hot story with a pot of romantic with a capital R gorgeous. Have mercy, you can write and that is no joke. I loved the “third eye of chakra”. The forehead kiss is what they call it. It says that it’s like kissing the persons soul, a very deep kiss that can be used in many fashions, I loved that. From the start of the story all the way to the end I was just smiling because even though I didn’t know where I was being taken, I didn’t care I just knew I wanted to go so I kept reading. The last thing I thought was the ending I read 😁….”what! It was her all along!” But that’s what separates a good writer from an average one and you’re a great one. Never have I had to smile and sweat at the same time in recent months!😍. I have ropes too but I call them licorice, they’re pretty sweet! I’m looking forward to reading some more of you as I nod eagerly. I can not be more ready….as I steal lines from one of my favorite authors. Great story gorgeous! 🌹🌹🌹🍷

      1. It’s never more than you deserve, I say what’s warranted gorgeous, you are a talented writer. I’ll be sure to have my book next to yours on our shelf. 😉

      2. Oh, this crap? lolz! Yeah, not my genre. :o)

        I’m writing a supernatural thriller with all the debauchery of the modern day sinners.

        I cannot wait to read your book. And I hope you let me look at the transcript, too. You kinda blew my mind when you told me about that.

      3. Hahaha! I loved reading your stuff, I have many interest, my pleasures expand. I have more than one position I’m good at.😉
        Your writing appeals to me and I loved that story, the twist was unexpected and you know the saying….every saint knows a sinner and every sinner has a past.😉
        You know you’ll read my book and you know you’ll be reading the transcripts also. Who knows….like I said, it’ll be on your book shelf, our shelf, the shelf or a shelf. I’m glad you liked the idea, I don’t know why it surprised you. I’ve been on it for a while.

      4. I know, but I needed a good set up and you gave it to me. We feed each other well. I’ll peel the grape and I’ll feed it to you next time.😏

      5. I know dorky. An onion…..I figured I was like a banana because I was appealing. 😉. Yeah, it just never came up I guess, but that’s where my writing time goes. Either to that or to you! 😉🌹

      1. Ahhh, ok! I was wondering where you picked that up….the role playing between husband and wife seems to quell anxiety. That’s why I asked. As your writing is so brilliant, I am humbled by your comments. Thank you.

  4. Wow. I, too, loved the end. I am not sure she felt anxious, but I did for her. I was with her and unsure of what might be next, even though she had confidence. I enjoy reading your words. I could scent the leather in the car, the heat of her skin, and the coffee he had next to him. The coffee, that was brilliant!!!!!!! Not wine, coffee. As if this is a normal sort of thing, special, but not intoxicating. A drug, but one everyone accepts without question. Yup, damn impressive!!!

    1. I have to admit, the coffee idea is from a friend. That is why that whole excerpt is in quotes. :o)

      *sneaky grin*

      Thanks for reading and enjoy, beautiful ladybug!

  5. What I love about this is the way you open the story making the reader truly believe this is a first encounter between illicit lovers. 🙂
    You have a gift for not only the unexpected, but the most random narratives that you just never see or read about in mainstream erotica. You describe scenes very well, but you always throw something in there that almost feels like a red herring. Not since Agatha Christie have I read that kind of delightful surprise! Well done, K.

  6. I came back, I love reading the comments you get and the replies you have to the comments. They are almost as good as the post itself. You have a fabulous blog JM.

      1. It’s been a good day. I’m treating myself to reading.
        I’ve recorded a podcast and edited some photos. Soon my slowly cooked piece of beef will be ready to eat slowly and sumptuously.

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